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Benefits to Savers

Tax advantages

Pensions are one of the most tax efficient ways this save for your retirement.

For more information see  Tax relief - the power behind pensions saving 

Employer contributions

There are advantages for both you and your employer if you arrange with them to make contributions directly into your pension fund on your behalf.  Under the new pensions reforms your employer is obliged to make contributions to a pension pot for you in addition to the contributions you make yourself if you fulfil certain criteria. This may be your BCF pension pot, or another pension pot.

Automatic enrolment - the new pensions reforms explained.

Simple to use

We can help you save towards a more secure retirement.  We are committed to providing straightforward, clear information for members to make pensions saving as simple as possible.

A suitable choice

The BCF Scheme is a suitable choice for people who want to save for their future in a way which is consistent with Brethren principles.

Low cost

The BCF Scheme is cost-effective for members.  We operate a simple charging structure - for more information please see our administration charges page.


You can choose how you make contributions to your pension pot, how often you make them and how much you want to contribute (subject to limits set by the government).  When you’re ready to retire there are different options about how you take your money.  These are explained in more detail on the  Retirement Options  page.
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