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1. Joining BCF

Whatever your situation, we’ve made it easy to join BCF and start saving for retirement.
If you’re an employer wishing to use BCF as a workplace pension scheme you can find out more about the Scheme and how to join in the Employers’ Zone
If you’re employed, saving for retirement has been made very easy by Automatic Enrolment. Your employer chooses a pension scheme and automatically enrols you. You won’t have to sign anything, and your employer will let you know in writing if and when this is going to happen.
More about automatic enrolment 
If you don’t work you can choose to join BCF. When you get in touch with us we’ll give you all the information you need about the BCF Scheme, as well as an application form.
Or if you prefer, you can apply online.
If you’re self-employed you can set up a pension pot with BCF and start saving for your retirement. You can contact us and ask for more information and an application form, or apply online.
Apply Online > Complete our online form

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