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Opting Out

Opting Out

If you are an eligible jobholder then your employer must automatically enrol you into a workplace pension scheme. If you decide that saving in a pension is not right for you then you can opt out within a given period of time.
You may opt out for up to one month after you are enrolled into the pension scheme or you receive written information from your employer about the enrolment process, whichever is later.
If you are enrolled into the BCF scheme then you can download an opt out form here and return it according to the instructions on the form within the one month period. 
There are some important points that you should consider before opting out;
-  If you opt out you will lose the right to pension contributions from your employer.
-  If you opt out you may have a lower income when you retire.
-  Your employer cannot ask you or force you to opt out - if you think that they are trying to do so you can tell The Pensions Regulator.
If you change your mind in the future you can always ask your employer in writing to opt you back in.  Even if you stay opted out your employer will normally put you back into pension saving in around three years.
To opt out please download a form here
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