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Employer Charges

For period to 5th April 2018
Employer enrolment set-up charges (applicable to the participating employer):

   First 5 employees                                £150.00 per employee
For additional employees we will charges as per the bands below;
   6-50 employees                                  £20.00 per employee (in the band)
   Over 50 employees                            £10.00 per employee (in the band)
Employer monthly contributions charges (applicable to the participating employer):

   Payroll charges                                  £25.00 per month
   Plus                                                    £3.00 per employee

Where additional work is required for an individual investor then additional fees are payable on a time cost basis at a rate of £40.00 to £125.00 per hour. When possible we will notify the member of the likely charges in advance. The above charges do not include VAT which is charged at the rate appropriate to the services provided.
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