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Benefits to Employers

The BCF Scheme is a great choice for employers wishing to provide quality pensions for their workforce.

Pensions encourage employee motivation and loyalty

Within the next few years all businesses will have to start contributing into a pension for their workers.  Starting a workplace pension scheme now, ahead of the new requirements, demonstrates to your employees that you are committed to their long-term security and prosperity.  Pensions as part of a remuneration package are a great way to reward, encourage and motivate your key personnel.

Save on employers’ National Insurance contributions

Contributions to an employee’s pension pot are not liable to National Insurance contributions.  You may be able to set up a salary sacrifice arrangement with your employees which can lead to further savings for the employer and employee - for further details see our  employer contributions factsheet.

Simple to use

We can help you provide pensions for your workers suitable for their needs.  We are committed to providing straightforward, clear information and guidance for employers and their workers.

A suitable choice

The BCF Scheme is a suitable choice for people who want to save for their future in a way consistent with Brethren principles.

A quality scheme

The Pensions Regulator has published a Code of Practice, Regulatory Guidance and a set of Quality Features for pension schemes.

At BCF we measure our performance against these features to ensure we offer the best possible service and outcomes for members.

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Low cost

The BCF Scheme is cost-effective for employers.  We operate a simple charging structure – you can find our employer charges on the administration charges page.

Moves with the member

BCF offers a single lifetime pension pot which moves with the member - so if you hire a worker who already has a BCF pot, you don’t need to set one up for them.  And because members take their pot with them wherever they go, there is no on-going administration for you if someone leaves your employment.


The BCF Scheme can be used to help you meet your legal obligations to pay minimum contributions for your workers.  The date the new regulations apply to you will vary depending on the size of your business but you can choose to start earlier or pay more into workers’ pension pots if you want to.


The Scheme can work alongside an existing scheme which you may have in place - you can use BCF for a particular category of workers or for your whole organisation.
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