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About the Scheme

About the Scheme

The BCF Pension Scheme is a straightforward, value for money scheme launched in 2007 that is suitable for people who want to save for their future in a way which is consistent with Brethren principles.
Who is BCF for?
BCF is suitable for employed, self-employed and non-working personal savers who wish to plan ahead and put money away so they don’t have to rely on the State Pension alone in retirement.

BCF is also open to employers of any size from any sector to use as a workplace pension for their UK-based employees.  The BCF Scheme is a qualifying scheme for automatic enrolment purposes, which means it can be used by employers needing to provide pensions for their workers under the new duties which started in 2012.  

The BCF scheme can be used by people who are starting to save in a pension pot for the first time, as well as people who may already have other pension pots.

Why choose BCF?
BCF offers benefits to both personal savers and employers using the scheme as a workplace pension for their UK employees.We strive to deal with our existing and potential members in a clear and simple way to help them understand pensions better.

Key features of the Scheme
-  Simple to use
-  Makes saving easy
-  A suitable choice
-  Low cost
-  Flexible
-  Adaptable

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