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About Us

About Us

BCF Pension Trust is the trustee body set up to run the BCF Pension Scheme, a low cost scheme launched in 2007 designed to offer benefits in retirement for its members.

How is BCF run?

BCF is run by 5 Trustee Directors that are responsible to determine the Scheme’s strategic direction and objectives. The Trustees have been chosen for their range of experience, skills and industry knowledge.

The 5 Trustees are:
Stuart Barnes
Tim Barter
Lawrence Buckley (Chair of Trustees)
Kevin Dunlop
Howard Thorstensen

The day to day running of BCF is the responsibility of the Scheme Administrator, Bruce Davey, who holds a relevant qualification from the Pensions Management Institute.

BCF Pension Trust also appoints professional investment advisers, legal advisers, auditors and actuaries to ensure compliance in all areas.

Who regulates BCF?

BCF is a trust-based, registered scheme regulated by The Pensions Regulator (TPR). TPR is a government-empowered body whose main duties include protecting the benefits of pension scheme members and promoting good scheme administration.

Corporate Governance at BCF

Governance relates to the structure and procedures an organisation uses to set goals, make decisions and assess performance.

BCF is committed to continuous monitoring of the Scheme to ensure it is run in a transparent way and always with the best interests of our members as the core principle.

Our Corporate Governance framework allows us to evaluate and demonstrate how we are achieving what we set out to do.
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How we invest

Our investment approach is designed around our members’ needs.
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BCF – A quality scheme

TPR has published a Code of Practice, Regulatory Guidance and a set of Quality Features for pension schemes. At BCF we measure our performance against these features to ensure we offer the best possible service and outcomes for our members.

BCF was recently one of the first pension schemes in the country to receive Master Trust Assurance, having been independently verified to be operating in accordance with TPR's quality features.

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